The Child Behavior Profile
Cross-validation of the Megargee MMPI typology for prisoners
Self-monitoring and reactivity in the modification of cigarette smoking
Compensatory masculine responding as a function of sex role
Rules for neuropsychological diagnosis
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Role-play tests for assessing social skills
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Variables affecting psychiatrists' and teachers' assessments of the dangerousness of mentally ill offenders
Individual differences in response to the behavioral treatment of Raynaud's disease
Conflict resolution in distressed and nondistressed married couples
Anhedonia, perceptual aberration, and the Rorschach
Mood changes, physiological responses, and self-statements during social rejection imagery
Validation of a behavioral observation system
Interpreting the index of abnormality when the distribution of score differences is known
Comment on “Effects of anxiety and sex on neuropsychological tests.”
Effects of prior diagnostic information on clinicians' causal attributions of a client's problems
Relationship between life and death among individuals of varying levels of suicidality
Symptom validity testing and symptom retraining
Prevention of learned helplessness in humans
An evaluation of a brief group therapy for depression
Effects of clinical experience and client emotion on therapists' responses
Cognitive behavior modification and modeling for test anxiety
Clinical psychologists' judgments of the scientific merit and clinical relevance of psychotherapy outcome research
Predictive validity of Barron's Es scale