Introduction to the Special Series
Inability to Express Intense Affect
Assessment of Cognitive Factors in Chronic Pain
Chemical Interventions for Pain
Behavioral Concepts in the Analysis of Chronic Pain Syndromes
Interactional Correlates of Premature Termination
Contingency and Control Beliefs as Predictors of Psychotherapy Outcomes Among Children and Adolescents
A Comparison of Treatment Strategies for Clients Functionally Impaired by Extreme Shyness and Social Avoidance
Group Coping Skills Instruction and Supportive Group Therapy for Cancer Patients
Worksite Smoking Intervention With Nursing Professionals
Fetal Health Locus of Control Scale
The Relation of Parental Marital Status and Perceived Family Conflict to Adjustment in White Adolescents
Alcohol-Aversion Therapy
Presurgical Anxiety and Postsurgical Pain and Adjustment
Psychological Dimensions of Distress in Chronic Pain Patients
Differences in MMPI Profiles With the Norms of Colligan et al.
Self-Efficacy and Smoking Reexamined
Response Styles and Faking on the Basic Personality Inventory
Development and Validation of a Measure of Irrational Belief
Frequency, Quality, and Impact of Life Events in Self-Rated Depressed, Behavioral-Problem, and Normal Children
Prediction and Explanation of Child Abuse
Child Abuse and Unrealistic Expectations
Dieting and Depression
Preventive Effects of Lamaze Training for First-Time Parents
Validity of the Eating Attitudes Test and the Eating Disorders Inventory in Bulimia Nervosa
Client Verbal Response Category System
Presenting Problems of Parasuicides Versus Suicide Ideators and Nonsuicidal Psychiatric Patients