Introduction to the Special Series
Issues in Personality Conceptualizations of Addictive Behaviors
The Addictive Personality is the Behavior of the Addict
Are There Inherited Behavioral Traits That Predispose to Substance Abuse?
MMPI Characteristics of Alcoholics
Personality Characteristics of Children of Alcoholics
Prevention of Marital Distress
Recurrent Vascular Headache
IQ as a Protective Factor for Subjects at High Risk for Antisocial Behavior
Performance of Male Psychopaths Following Conditional Release From Prison
Toward an Empirically Derived Taxonomy of Chronic Pain Patients
Disclosure of Traumas and Immune Function
An Evaluation of Parental Problem-Solving Training in the Behavioral Treatment of Childhood Obesity
Treatment of Severe Social Phobia
Comparison of Operant Behavioral and Cognitive–Behavioral Group Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain
Changing Time Frames on Symptom Inventories
A Naturalistic Investigation of Eating Behavior in Bulimia Nervosa
Behavioral Self-Management Controlled-Drinking Strategies in a Context of Secondary Prevention
Endogenous Opiate System and Systematic Desensitization
Associations Among Major Psychiatric Diagnoses
Comparability of the WAIS and the WAIS–R
Abstinence From Smoking and the Social Environment
Factor-Analytically Derived Scales for the Louisville Behavior Checklist
Eating Attitudes Test and Eating Disorders Inventory