Introduction to the Special Series
Studies on the Efficacy of Child Psychoanalysis
Interplay of Advances Between Theory, Research, and Application in Treatment Interventions Aimed at Behavior Problem Children and Adolescents
Culturally Sensitive Psychotherapy for Puerto Rican Children and Adolescents
Toward Generic Principles of Treating Parents and Children
Arrests Among Emotionally Disturbed Violent and Assaultive Individuals Following Minimal Versus Lengthy Intervention Through North Carolina's Willie M Program
Empirical and Clinical Focus of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Research
Social Skills Training With Schizophrenics
Social Status and the Comorbidity of Child Depression and Conduct Disorder
Internal and External Mediators of Women's Sexual Abuse in Childhood
Patient and Therapist Introject, Interpersonal Process, and Differential Psychotherapy Outcome
Comprehensive Evaluation of Attention Deficit Disorder With and Without Hyperactivity as Defined by Research Criteria
Longitudinal Prediction of Marital Discord From Premarital Expressions of Affect
A Stress Inoculation Program for Parents Whose Children Are Undergoing Painful Medical Procedures
Secondary Prevention With College Drinkers
Computer-Assisted Attention Retraining in Head-Injured Individuals
Child Functional Independence and Maternal Psychosocial Stress as Risk Factors Threatening Adaptation in Mothers of Physically or Sensorially Handicapped Children
Characteristics of Telephone Applicants to a Residential Rehabilitation Program for Homeless Veterans
Social Outcomes Related to Age of Onset Among Psychiatric Disorders
Serious Conduct Problems in the Children of Adolescent Mothers
Effectiveness of Booster Sessions in the Maintenance and Enhancement of Treatment Gains Following Assertion Training
Lateralized Anterior and Posterior Lesions and Performance on Digit Span and Russell's Revision of the Wechsler Memory Scale
How Does Cognitive Therapy Work? Cognitive Change and Symptom Change in Cognitive Therapy and Pharmacotherapy for Depression
Daily Stress as a Trigger of Migraine Attacks
Self-Esteem, Social Support, Internalized Homophobia, and Coping Strategies of HIV+ Gay Men
Behavioral Correlates of Maternal Depressive Symptomatology in Conduct-Disorder Children
Brief Group Psychoeducation for Bulimia Nervosa
Validity of Physiological Measures of Pedophilic Sexual Arousal in a Sexual Offender Population
Validity of Physiological Measures of Pedophilic Sexual Arousal in a Sexual Offender Population