Correction to the Special Section on Attachment and Psychopathology. Part 1
Introduction to the Special Section on Attachment and Psychopathology
Adolescent Attachment and Psychopathology
Attachment Theory as a Framework for Understanding Sequelae of Severe Adolescent Psychopathology
Attachment Organization and History of Suicidal Behavior in Clinical Adolescents
Adult Attachment Classification and Self-Reported Psychiatric Symptomatology as Assessed by the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory–2
Attachment Processes in Eating Disorder and Depression
A Component Analysis of Cognitive–Behavioral Treatment for Depression
Race and Sex Differences in the Prediction of Drug Use
Behavior Therapy and the Transdermal Nicotine Patch
Marital Conflict and Endocrine Function
Family Treatment of Childhood Anxiety
On Criterion Weighting in the DSM–IV
Disruptive Behavior Disorder and Intergenerational Attachment Patterns
First Lapses to Smoking
Health Status and Satisfaction With Health Care
The New Hampshire Study of Supported Employment for People With Severe Mental Illness
Weight Cycling, Psychological Health, and Binge Eating in Obese Women
Effects of Stress Inoculation Training on Athletes' Postsurgical Pain and Rehabilitation After Orthopedic Injury
Dynamic Change in Psychotherapy
Behavioral Components of Marital Satisfaction
Cascading Toward Divorce