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This Special Issue of Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research identifies challenges and drivers for change in the educational sector, with the purpose of highlighting current theory, training, research and practice in this arena. A brief history of consulting in education is outlined as well as skill sets that educational consultants have in common with consulting psychologists who work in other areas. Given the dynamic changes in education, the Special Issue contributors describe four consulting approaches that are responsive to the way the field is moving. Specifically, they address the need to infuse education with ideas around technology in training (Newell, 2012), organizational responsiveness to diverse perspectives (Knotek, 2012), and more effective problem solving and professional development in an international (Hylander, 2012) and national (Truscott et al., 2012) context. An integrative article by Gravois (2012) provides an overall perspective on these challenges and the coeditors invite readers to consider the opportunity to broaden consulting psychology's definition of “organizations” so that it routinely includes educational institutions and the variety of ways to make a positive impact in this arena.

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