The Action Plan on European Contract Law: Perspectives for the Future of European Contract Law and EC Consumer Law

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The European Commission's Action Plan on European Contract Law is the follow-up to the Communication of July 2001. It reveals the conclusions of the Commission and proposes a mix of regulatory and non-regulatory measures aimed at removing obstacles to the smooth functioning of the internal market and ensuring the uniform application of EC law. These measures are (a) the improvement of the acquis through the elaboration of a common frame reference containing common rules and terminology, (b) promotion of the use of standard terms for cross-border contracts, and (c) further reflection on an optional horizontal instrument in the field. This article will undertake a general discussion of the likely impact of the measures on the future of EC consumer law and European contract law, and treat certain questions relating to the conflict of laws. It is also hoped that the article will acquaint the new reader with some of the (mainly) recent discussions in English and French on the subject matter from different jurisdictions.

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