Congress 2000: A continuing medical education summit with implications for the future

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The expectations of attendees, the evaluations of themes, and the implications for continuing medical education (CME) identified by “Congress 2000: A Continuing Medical Education Summit on the Practices, Opportunities and Priorities for the New Millennium” are reviewed. A vision was identified with significant opportunities for CME to become a more valuable partner in and contributor to quality health care. The vision suggests that CME should be linked more closely to physician learning at the point of care and that technology might be used more successfully to address physician-learner needs by helping them to manage volumes of evidence for treating patients more effectively. At the same time, health care outcome data to analyze the need for and measure the effectiveness of educational interventions should become integrated into standards of practice for CME providers. Continuous improvement based on research about effective learning processes and outcomes should become an essential construct of the CME culture. Implications are summarized for the profession, organizational CME providers, individual CME professionals, and CME research from this new vision of CME crafted at Congress 2000.

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