Use of cysteine branched PGA in hydrogel microparticulate delivery systems

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A cysteine branched PGA (polyglutamic acid) hydrogel is being investigated for therapeutic peptide and protein controlled delivery [E.G. Lledó, P.C. Poyatos, J.J.P. Porras, O.P. Gulin, F.R. Anglada, US Pat. Appl. Publ. 2005 WO2005121215/US2005276783/EP1753803/CA25696772.]. Entrapment of hGH as a model protein in this hydrogel system has been carried out in order to check its subsequent release in different aqueous buffered media and its stability. Physico-chemical analysis (by MALDI-TOF, SEC-MALS-RI, 1H NMR, CD) of the released hGH showed no destabilization effect on the protein.

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