The First Symposium on Innovative Polymers for Controlled Delivery, September 14–17, 2010, Suzhou, China
Glutathione-responsive nano-vehicles as a promising platform for targeted intracellular drug and gene delivery
Hydrotropic polymer micelles as versatile vehicles for delivery of poorly water-soluble drugs
Comparative study of photosensitizer loaded and conjugated glycol chitosan nanoparticles for cancer therapy
Design of reversibly core cross-linked micelles sensitive to reductive environment
Tuning core vs. shell dimensions to adjust the performance of nanoscopic containers for the loading and release of doxorubicin
Anti-tumor drug delivery of pH-sensitive poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(L-histidine-)-poly(L-lactide) nanoparticles
Multi-responsive nanogels containing motifs of ortho ester, oligo(ethylene glycol) and disulfide linkage as carriers of hydrophobic anti-cancer drugs
A combined theoretical and in vitro modeling approach for predicting the magnetic capture and retention of magnetic nanoparticles in vivo
Doxorubicin loaded iron oxide nanoparticles overcome multidrug resistance in cancer in vitro
Prevention of metastasis in a 4T1 murine breast cancer model by doxorubicin carried by folate conjugated pH sensitive polymeric micelles
Functionalized linear poly(amidoamine)s are efficient vectors for intracellular protein delivery
Intracellular organelle-targeted non-viral gene delivery systems
Bioreducible polymers with cell penetrating and endosome buffering functionality for gene delivery systems
Rational design of biodegradable cationic polycarbonates for gene delivery
Dual-targeted polyplexes: One step towards a synthetic virus for cancer gene therapy
Biodegradable mPEG- b -P(MCC- g -OEI) copolymers for efficient gene delivery
Revisit complexation between DNA and polyethylenimine — Effect of length of free polycationic chains on gene transfection
Self-assembled siRNA–PLGA conjugate micelles for gene silencing
siRNA nanocarriers based on methacrylic acid copolymers
Functional aliphatic polyesters for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications
From kidney development to drug delivery and tissue engineering strategies in renal regenerative medicine
Chondrogenesis in injectable enzymatically crosslinked heparin/dextran hydrogels
Antibiotic-releasing porous polymethylmethacrylate/gelatin/antibiotic constructs for craniofacial tissue engineering