Shockwave-ruptured nanopayload carriers (SHERPAs) for ultrasound-triggered drug release
Inorganic nanoparticles for cancer imaging and therapy
A novel nested liposome drug delivery vehicle capable of ultrasound triggered release of its payload
Intracellular uptake and behavior of two types zinc protoporphyrin (ZnPP) micelles, SMA-ZnPP and PEG-ZnPP as anticancer agents; unique intracellular disintegration of SMA micelles
Controlled release of thymosin β4 using collagen–chitosan composite hydrogels promotes epicardial cell migration and angiogenesis
Receptor-mediated activation of a proinsulin-transferrin fusion protein in hepatoma cells
Brain tumor targeting of magnetic nanoparticles for potential drug delivery: Effect of administration route and magnetic field topography
A delivery system to avoid self-aggregation and to improve in vitro and in vivo skin delivery of a phthalocyanine derivative used in the photodynamic therapy
Understanding controlled drug release from mesoporous silicates: Theory and experiment
Vaginal delivery of siRNA using a novel PEGylated lipoplex-entrapped alginate scaffold system
Development of microRNA-145 for therapeutic application in breast cancer
Targeted chemoimmunotherapy using drug-loaded aptamer–dendrimer bioconjugates
Ultrasound-mediated intracellular drug delivery using microbubbles and temperature-sensitive liposomes
Disulfide crosslinked polyion complex micelles encapsulating dendrimer phthalocyanine directed to improved efficiency of photodynamic therapy
Dendrimer phthalocyanine-encapsulated polymeric micelle-mediated photochemical internalization extends the efficacy of photodynamic therapy and overcomes drug-resistance in vivo