Cell division responsive peptides for optimized plasmid DNA delivery: The mitotic window of opportunity?
Corrigendum to “Efficacious hepatoma-targeted nanomedicine self-assembled from galactopeptide and doxorubicin driven by two-stage physical interactions” [J. Control. Release 169 (2013) 193–203],
Polyplex-releasing microneedles for enhanced cutaneous delivery of DNA vaccine
Interferon gamma peptidomimetic targeted to hepatic stellate cells ameliorates acute and chronic liver fibrosis in vivo
Quantification of nanoparticle uptake into hair follicles in pig ear and human forearm
Topical delivery of siRNA into skin using SPACE-peptide carriers
A chondromimetic microsphere for in situ spatially controlled chondrogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells
Non-invasive in vivo characterization of microclimate pH inside in situ forming PLGA implants using multispectral fluorescence imaging
Metallic implant drug/device combinations for controlled drug release in orthopaedic applications
The mitotic window of opportunity for plasmid DNA delivery