Injectable multifunctional microgel encapsulating outgrowth endothelial cells and growth factors for enhanced neovascularization
Styrene-maleic acid copolymer-encapsulated CORM2, a water-soluble carbon monoxide (CO) donor with a constant CO-releasing property, exhibits therapeutic potential for inflammatory bowel disease
Bone marrow endothelium-targeted therapeutics for metastatic breast cancer
A hyaluronic acid–salmon calcitonin conjugate for the local treatment of osteoarthritis: Chondro-protective effect in a rabbit model of early OA
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Intracellular gene delivery is dependent on the type of non-viral carrier and defined by the cell surface glycosaminoglycans
Amphiphilic beads as depots for sustained drug release integrated into fibrillar scaffolds
Prolonged survival upon ultrasound-enhanced doxorubicin delivery in two syngenic glioblastoma mouse models
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Prostate cancer relevant antigens and enzymes for targeted drug delivery
State-of-the-art in design rules for drug delivery platforms: Lessons learned from FDA-approved nanomedicines
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Pulmonary administration of integrin-nanoparticles regenerates collapsed alveoli
Combination of interleukin-12 gene therapy, metronomic cyclophosphamide and DNA cancer vaccination directs all arms of the immune system towards tumor eradication
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