Calendar of Events
The 17th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Drug Delivery, June 14–17, 2015, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Pre-clinical immunotoxicity studies of nanotechnology-formulated drugs: Challenges, considerations and strategy
Current strategies for sustaining drug release from electrospun nanofibers
Spatiotemporal drug delivery using laser-generated-focused ultrasound system
Cell membrane-camouflaged nanoparticles for drug delivery
Hybrid polymeric hydrogels via peptide nucleic acid (PNA)/DNA complexation
Reprint of: Nitric oxide-releasing polysaccharide derivative exhibits 8-log reduction against Escherichia coli , Acinetobacter baumannii and Staphylococcus aureus ☆
Nitric oxide-releasing polymer incorporated ointment for cutaneous wound healing
Co-delivery of VEGF and Bcl-2 dual-targeted siRNA polymer using a single nanoparticle for synergistic anti-cancer effects in vivo
Bio-inspired materials in drug delivery: Exploring the role of pulmonary surfactant in siRNA inhalation therapy
Targeted delivery of platinum-taxane combination therapy in ovarian cancer
Stabilization of cysteine-linked antibody drug conjugates with N-aryl maleimides
Delivery of tumor-homing TRAIL sensitizer with long-acting TRAIL as a therapy for TRAIL-resistant tumors
Diaminosulfide based polymer microparticles as cancer vaccine delivery systems
Hepatoma targeting peptide conjugated bio-reducible polymer complexed with oncolytic adenovirus for cancer gene therapy
Efficacious delivery of protein drugs to prostate cancer cells by PSMA-targeted pH-responsive chimaeric polymersomes
Addressing challenges of heterogeneous tumor treatment through bispecific protein-mediated pretargeted drug delivery
Microvesicle- and exosome-mediated drug delivery enhances the cytotoxicity of Paclitaxel in autologous prostate cancer cells
Monocytic delivery of therapeutic oxygen bubbles for dual-modality treatment of tumor hypoxia
Dual drug delivery of tamoxifen and quercetin: Regulated metabolism for anticancer treatment with nanosponges
Exploring drug delivery for the DOT1L inhibitor pinometostat (EPZ-5676): Subcutaneous administration as an alternative to continuous IV infusion, in the pursuit of an epigenetic target
Potent antitumor effect of neurotensin receptor-targeted oncolytic adenovirus co-expressing decorin and Wnt antagonist in an orthotopic pancreatic tumor model
cRGD-installed polymeric micelles loading platinum anticancer drugs enable cooperative treatment against lymph node metastasis