One-step encapsulation of siRNA between lipid-layers of multi-layer polycation liposomes by lipoplex freeze-thawing
Enhanced intranasal delivery of mRNA vaccine by overcoming the nasal epithelial barrier via intra- and paracellular pathways
Faint electric treatment-induced rapid and efficient delivery of extraneous hydrophilic molecules into the cytoplasm
Lipid-enveloped zinc phosphate hybrid nanoparticles for codelivery of H-2Kb and H-2Db-restricted antigenic peptides and monophosphoryl lipid A to induce antitumor immunity against melanoma
Genetic engineering of platelets to neutralize circulating tumor cells
Sustained reduction of intraocular pressure by supraciliary delivery of brimonidine-loaded poly(lactic acid) microspheres for the treatment of glaucoma
Injectable polypeptide micelles that form radiation crosslinked hydrogels in situ for intratumoral radiotherapy
External manipulation of nanostructure in photoresponsive lipid depot matrix to control and predict drug release in vivo
Sequential co-delivery of miR-21 inhibitor followed by burst release doxorubicin using NIR-responsive hollow gold nanoparticle to enhance anticancer efficacy
Glucose and magnetic-responsive approach toward in situ nitric oxide bubbles controlled generation for hyperglycemia theranostics
Fusion to an albumin-binding domain with a high affinity for albumin extends the circulatory half-life and enhances the in vivo antitumor effects of human TRAIL
Sigma receptor-mediated targeted delivery of anti-angiogenic multifunctional nanodrugs for combination tumor therapy
A designed recombinant fusion protein for targeted delivery of siRNA to the mouse brain
Polymer-coated pH-responsive high-density lipoproteins
Doxorubicin/gold-loaded core/shell nanoparticles for combination therapy to treat cancer through the enhanced tumor targeting
Development of edge-activated liposomes for siRNA delivery to human basal epidermis for melanoma therapy
Effects of thermoresponsivity and softness on skin penetration and cellular uptake of polyglycerol-based nanogels
Seeing is believing, PLGA microsphere degradation revealed in PLGA microsphere/PVA hydrogel composites
Exosomes as therapeutics: The implications of molecular composition and exosomal heterogeneity
Human plasma lipocalins and serum albumin: Plasma alternative carriers?
Enhanced antitumor effects of hTRAIL by binding to endogenous albumin