Calendar of Events
Preface: The Fourth Symposium on Innovative Polymers for Controlled Delivery, September 23-26, 2016, Suzhou, China
Engineered polymeric nanoparticles to guide the cellular internalization and trafficking of small interfering ribonucleic acids
Nanogels for intracellular delivery of biotherapeutics
Controlling the morphology of copolymeric vectors for next generation nanomedicine
Redox-responsive theranostic nanoplatforms based on inorganic nanomaterials
Mononuclear phagocytes as a target, not a barrier, for drug delivery
Matrix-metalloproteinases as targets for controlled delivery in cancer: An analysis of upregulation and expression
Hyaluronic acid coated PLGA nanoparticulate docetaxel effectively targets and suppresses orthotopic human lung cancer
A traceless reversible polymeric colistin prodrug to combat multidrug-resistant (MDR) gram-negative bacteria
Cell-mediated delivery of synthetic nano- and microparticles
Tumor-targeted pH/redox dual-sensitive unimolecular nanoparticles for efficient siRNA delivery
Optimized biodegradable polymeric reservoir-mediated local and sustained co-delivery of dendritic cells and oncolytic adenovirus co-expressing IL-12 and GM-CSF for cancer immunotherapy
PBCA-based polymeric microbubbles for molecular imaging and drug delivery
Positively charged polypeptide nanogel enhances mucoadhesion and penetrability of 10-hydroxycamptothecin in orthotopic bladder carcinoma
Photo- and thermo-responsive multicompartment hydrogels for synergistic delivery of gemcitabine and doxorubicin
pH-degradable PVA-based nanogels via photo-crosslinking of thermo-preinduced nanoaggregates for controlled drug delivery
Safety and efficacy of self-assembling bubble carriers stabilized with sodium dodecyl sulfate for oral delivery of therapeutic proteins
αvβ3 Integrin-targeted reduction-sensitive micellar mertansine prodrug: Superb drug loading, enhanced stability, and effective inhibition of melanoma growth in vivo
Biodegradable Magnetic Silica@Iron Oxide Nanovectors with Ultra-Large Mesopores for High Protein Loading, Magnetothermal Release, and Delivery
Practically feasible production of sustained-release microspheres of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (rhGM-CSF)
Andrographolide-loaded polymerized phenylboronic acid nanoconstruct for stimuli-responsive chemotherapy
Design of pH-responsive albumin-alginate hydrogels for drug delivery
CXCR4-targeted combination therapy for the treatment of liver fibrosis
Calcium-induced peanut protein nanoparticles for resveratrol delivery
Polymeric nanoparticles of (-)-epigallocatechin gallate: A new formulation for the treatment of ocular diseases
Reactive oxygen species-cleavable self-immolative diethylstilbestrol polyester nanoparticles give rise to cancer hormone therapy with minimized side effects
Fabrication and characteration of coaxial electrospun multicomponent fibrous graft for vascular tissue engineering
Photon-triggered polymersome rupture under temporal, spatial and spectral control
In vivo visualized degradation of injectable hydrogel by real-time fluorescence tracking
Structural and dynamic properties of different DPPC lipid membranes using a coarse-grained model
Multifunctional polyethylenimine-based nanoplatform for targeted anti-cancer drug delivery to tumors in vivo
pH stimuli-responsive magnetic porous poly(acrylic acid) microspheres prepared via Pickering HIPEs templating for targeted and controlled release of doxorubicin
Novel insights into the raw material variability and its impact on drug release from high dose controlled release tablet
Small molecule purmorphamine enhanced the osteoinductive capacity of electrospun HAp/SF fibers
Graphene oxide-reinforced thermo-sensitive hydrogel consistently release alendronate for enhanced cranial defect repair
Co-delivery of doxorubicin and triptolide with reduction-sensitive lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles for synergistic cancer treatment
Construction of a nanoprobe based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer for dopamine detection
PEG-sheddable reduction-sensitive polyurethane micelles for triggered intracellular anti-tumor drug delivery
Lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles with aggregation-induced emission (AIE) characteristic for imaging-guided drug delivery
ROS-responsive mitochondria-targeting blended nanoparticles for chemo- and photodynamic synergistic therapy for lung cancer
Effects of microspheres loaded with ketoprofen and microRNA-124 on adjuvant- induced arthritis in rats
Polysaccharide based multilayer micro-dispersing system as oral carriers for co-delivery of doxorubicin hydrochloride and P-gp inhibitor
Hydrogen peroxide-responsive peroxalate ester-linked PCL-PEG micelles as drug carrier
Hybrid zwitterionic-HEMA hydrogel with regular pore size inside exhibit high transparency, water content and oxygen transmission
Mannosylated zwitterionic-based cationic liposomes: a promising DNA delivery carrier/adjuvant with enhanced non-inflammasome mediated immune responses for HIV DNA vaccines
A rapid forming, injectable and photo-cleavable hydrogel for controlled drug release
Bioinspired chiral supramolecular hydrogels
Mitochondria-targeted pegylatednanographene for enhanced cancer photodynamic therapy
Modulation of macrophage behavior with glucomannan polymers for cancer immunotherapy and bone regeneration
Morpholine derivative-functionalized carbon dots as a fluorescent probe for highly selective lysosome imaging in living cells
In situ forming polysaccharide based self-healing hydrogels for controlled release of cisplatin
Dual-functional LT-loaded reconstituted HDL designed based on median-effect principle for synergistic anti-atherosclerosis effect
pH-Sensitive mixed micelles for overcoming drug-resistance and enhancing antitumor efficacy
Preparation of injectable GelMA nanoparticles-based 3D printed wound healing filler
The eletrospinning of pH-sensitive 5-FU/RGO composite nanofibers and its potential application for targeted human colon cancer treatment
Double-pulsatile release core-shell fibers fabricated using modified tri-axial electrospinning
Targeted co-delivery of dual-pronged cytotoxic agents with pH-responsive nanoparticle for synergistic chemotherapy
Reversible cross-linked micelles based on dynamic chemistry bond as potential nanocarriers for pH-triggered anticancer drug release
Photo-crosslinked hollow capsules as platform for biomedical applications
Smart pH-sensitive polymeric nanocarriers for combination chemotherapy
Dual-sensitive charge-conversional polymeric prodrug for efficient co-delivery of demethylcantharidin and doxorubicin
Doxorubicin-loaded ‘flower-like’ polymeric nanoparticles for cancer therapy
Thermo-sensitive hydrogel of pectin/chitosan containing gold nanoparticles for biological applications
Simultaneous delivery system of antigenic protein and cytokine gene using hybrid complexes of pH-sensitive polymer-modified liposome and lipoplex
Dexibuprofen loaded PEGylated nanospheres for Alzheimer's disease treatment
In situ self-assembled chitosan microspheres for controlled anti-cancer drug release
Coaxial double-walled microspheres for combined release of cytochrome c and doxorubicin
Electrospinning fabrication of bioactive scaffolds for tendon-bone healing
Nerve-repair conduit formed of polymeric tissue-engineering fibers sustained-releasing nerve growth factor of native form
A dual inhibition of tumor growth and metastasis by CXCR-4 targeting based on redox sensitive dextrin nanogel
Polymer-grafted mesoporous silica hybrid nanoparticles as hypoxia-responsive drug carriers
Antifouling improvement of graphene/TiO2 modified polyurethane coatings
Self-assembly of inorganic nanoparticle vesicles driven by tethered protein-polymer
Chitosan-gelatin hydrogel/PLGA scaffold with dual-delivery of TGF-β1 and BMP-2 for osteochondral defect repair
Tumor microenvironment responsive PMPC-based nanocapsule for enhanced cancer chemotherapy
Self-assembled fluoropolycation nanomicelles for improved siRNA silencing
Engineering DNA-based capsule used as a platform for carrying various molecules
Injectable hydrogel cross-linked by quadruple hydrogen bonding for drug encapsulation and delivery
Synergistic treatment of triple-negative breast cancer by doxorubicin and thioridazine and its nano-formulation
Controlled release of nerve growth factors incorporated in polyacrylamide/graphene oxide hydrogel and their effects on Schwann cells
Rapamycin loaded magnetic graphene oxide nanoparticles as tumor-targeted drug delivery system: synthesis and in vitro characterization
An intelligent doxorubicin prodrug with GRP78 recognition and sequential targeting ability to tumor cell membrane and nucleus
Janus-faced and pH-responsive nanohybrids for synergistic targeted drug delivery
Sustained drug release from chitosan@alginate microspheres with porous core and closed outer surface pore structure
Reducible ATP polymers as endosomolytic and bioenergetic sources in non-viral gene delivery
Bio-functionalities of ascorbic acid 2-phosphate and its polymers in non-viral gene delivery
Laser irradiation-induced plasma membrane activated polymeric nanoconstructs for photodynamic cancer therapy
Efficient intracellular protein and peptide delivery by a surface-engineered dendrimer
The preparation of fluorescent nanoparticles based on poly(p-phenylene vinylene) and their application in developing latent fingerprint
Charge-convertible poly(β-L-malic acid)-based micelles for effective anticancer drug delivery
Multifunctional Fe3O4-Au@mSiO2 (Ce6/Dox)-PEM/P-gp shRNA nanocomplexes as theranostic agent for cancer dual-modal imaging and chemo-photodynamic therapy
PLCL electrospun fibers improved with tourmaline particles to prevent thrombosis
Charged polymer brushes-coated mesoporous silica nanoparticles for osteoarthritis therapy: a combination between hydration lubrication and drug delivery
Chemo-immunotherapy of spinal malignancy: paratumor injection of PTX/1MT-incorporated thermogel
One-step gene delivery into cytoplasm in a fusion-dependent manner based on a new membrane fusogenic lipid
A pH-sensitive cationic micelle for siRNA delivery
Reduction-sensitive functional mesoporous silica nanoparticles for dual-drug-delivery
Introduction of an AIE fluorophore into cationic gene delivery vehicles verified the nuclear translocation of uncomplexed DNA
Engineered nanogel with superior tissue affinity and cell targeting toward orthotopic bladder cancer
A novel strategy to prepare 2D YBO3: Ce3+-Yb3+ nanosheets with enhanced near-infrared (NIR) emission properties
A light-responsive polymer for the co-delivery of anticancer drugs and therapeutic genes
Genetically engineered yeast spores as chitosan microspheres for intracellular delivery of immunostimulatory CpG oligodeoxynucleotides
Multifunctional binary-drug loaded liposomes for targeting cancer therapy
Fabrication of the supramolecular complexes of matrine by host-guest binding and electrostatic interaction for controlled drug delivery
Reduction-responsive disulfide cross-linked dextrin nanogel mediated Bcl-2 siRNA delivery for anticancer therapy
Dual-stimulus-responsive crosslinking chitosan as a gene vector
Composite scaffold with gradient content of simvastatin for enhanced large cranial defect repair
Glutathione sensitive nanocomplexes based on hyaluronic acid/graphene oxide conjugates for targeted drug delivery to CD44-overexpressing cancer cells
Multifunctional nanotherapeutics for tumor-targeted drug/gene co-delivery
An improved pH-responsive carrier based on EDTA-Ca-Alginate for oral delivery of Lactobacillus rhamnosus
Synthesis of hyperbranched polyglycidol- block -poly( L -lactide) for pH-sensitive controlled drug delivery
Functionalizing polyplex surface through self-assembly of a rationally designed tri-block copolymer membrane around the nucleic acid core for systemic delivery
Screening of efficient carriers for intracellular protein delivery in library of fluorinated dendrimers
Arginine analogue-modified PAMAM leads to enhanced gene transfection efficiency
The drug delivery system based on porous carbon nanofibers
Tunable elasticity of biomimetic nano-erythrocytes influences targeted drug delivery and celluar uptake
Glucose-sensitive, injectable and biodegradable composite hydrogels for efficient loading and physiological self-regulated delivery of insulin
Sequential release of tea polyphenols and mitoxantrone from emulsion electrospun nanofibers against malignant ascites and peritoneal adhesion
Rational design of salmon calcitonin delivery systems by preparing self-assembled supramolecular nanoparticles with short peptides
Co-assembled hybrids of proteins and carbon dots for intracellular protein delivery
EpCAM-antibody-conjugated polymersomes for cancer stem cells-targeted delivery of anticancer drug and siRNA
Oral controlled release in accordance with drug adsorption biological rhythm provided by an electrospun structural amorphous solid dispersion
Preparation of silver coated poly(L-lactide) nanofiber membranes via the combination of mussel-inspired approach and layer-by-layer assembly method
Enzyme-responsive multifunctional nanocarriers for combinational chemotherapy
Co-delivery of HBsAg and poly I:C by CaCO3 microspheres employing layer-by-layer technique
Targeted MRI contrast agent based on hyperbranched lipopolymer hybrids
A facile construction of pH-sensitive shell-sheddable supramolecular nanoassembly codelivery anticancer drugs to combat drug resistance
Multifunctional zwitterionic nanogels with a Fe3O4 core and C-dots crosslinked polymer shell
Targeted and potent cancer protein therapy using bioresponsive fluorescent click nanogels
Fabrication of P(NIPAM-AM)@Au NRs hollow spheres for near-infrared controlled photothermal drug release
Lysosomal disruptive nanocarrier based on pH-sensitive charge-reversal for tumor targeted anticancer drug delivery
Synthesis of thermal copolymer PVCL-PEGMA and its application of electrostatic spin fiber as carrier of skin antibiotic
Fabrication and hemocompatibility of cell outer membrane mimetic surfaces on paclitaxel/chitosan nanofibers for drug eluting stent
A smart hydrogel for the on-demand delivery of aminoglycoside antibiotics
PAMAM dendrimers-mediated specific targeting and intracellular apoptosis with aptamer and Bcl-2 converting peptide conjugation
Surface dual-targeting equipped nanogels intracellularly deliver cytotoxic agent to suppress highly metastatic malignancy
Facile preparation of bioreducible polymeric nanocarrier for the reduction-triggered intracellular delivery of anti-tumor drug
A biocompatible and functional surfactant based on vitamin E-oligo(methyl diglycol L-glutamate) for facile preparation of multifunctional PLGA nanoparticles
Ionic liquid-assisted growth of crystalline microporous polymeric structures as dual topical transdermal drug delivery systems
Site-specific drug-releasing polypeptide nanocarriers with enhanced therapeutic efficacy against drug-resistant tumors
Vitamin E-rich nanoemulsion enhances the antitumor efficacy of low-dose paclitaxel by driving Th1 immune response and promoting dendritic cell activation
Naturalegg whitemicrospheres for controlled drug release
Biopolymer/graphene hydrogel beads for drug controlled delivery
Oral delivery of NIR dye for photothermal therapy based on self-assembled hemoglobin nanoparticles
Cetuximab tagged and oleic acid modified chitosan nanoparticles for tumor targeted quercetin delivery
pH-Responsive polypeptides for near infrared imaging guided photodynamic therapy
Temperature-responsive star-shaped copolymer hydrogels for co-delivery and sequential release of three contraceptives
One-step self-assembly of hybrid janus-like capsules for NIR-triggered drug release
High-yield synthesis of carbon nanodots for bioimaging and anti-oxidative stress
Synergistic chemo-photodynamic therapy by “Big & small combo NPs” sequential release system
A dual-solvents gel based on native cyclodextrin as drug carrier
Thermo-responsive enhanced emission rare-earth upconversion nanophosphors based on NaLuF4:Yb3+,Er3+ functionalized with PNIPAM for cell imaging
Phenylboronic acid-functionalized polypeptide nanogel for glucose-sensitive drug release under physiological pH
Sustained delivery of desferrioxamine via liposome carriers in hydrogel for combining angiogenesis and osteogenesis in bone defects reconstruction
pH and reduction sensitive mesoporous silica nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery
Tumor-homotypic reduction-responsive polypeptide nanogels for prostate cancer chemotherapy
Novel pH- and amylase-responsive microgels for oral insulin delivery
Design of pH-responsive poly(D, L-lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles to promote immune response
Polymers as tools for studying the internalization of membrane protein glutamate carboxypeptidase II
HSA induced HCPT nanocrystal for high-performance antitumor therapy
In situ supramolecular assembly induced by pathological condition for high retention of bioimaging agent delivery
Multifunctional PEI-entrapped gold nanoparticles enable efficient delivery of therapeutic siRNA into glioblastoma cells
Systemically administered targeted nanomedicine combined with locally granted nitric oxide suppresses drug-resistance of hepatoma
In vitro and in vivo evaluation of novel folate-modified lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles for targeted paclitaxel delivery
An agarose-PEI-HA copolymer as tumor-targeted gene vector with high efficiency and low toxicity
Fabrication and characterization of compound vitamin B/silk fibroin nanofibrous matrices
pH-Sensitive degradable polymeric micelles for bio-triggered targeted anti-tumor drug delivery
Reversibly disulfide-crosslinked pullulan nanoparticles for dual-targeted and bio-triggered anti-tumor drug delivery
Enhanced anti-tumor efficacy by co-delivery of GDC-0449 with size-tunable polymeric SN38 nanoparticles in pancreatic cancer
Engineering starch-based capsules for controlled delivery
Highly water-soluble, stable, and biocompatible PAMAM dendrimers entrapped gold nanoparticles for catalysis
Porous nitrogen-doped biochar derived from chitosan for absorption of creatinine
Controlled thermo-triggered drug release system based on propionylated amylose helix nanoclusters
Dual controlled delivery of squalenoyl-gemcitabine and paclitaxel using thermo-responsive polymeric micelles for pancreatic cancer
Polymer donors of nitric oxide for enhanced accumulation of anticancer agents in solid tumors
Unimer polyion complex self-assembled nanomicelle for systemic delivery of siRNA into solid tumor
Oligosaccharides of hyaluronan conjugates-based dual pH-responsive nano-pupa for cancer stem cell targeted combinatorial chemotherapy
In vivo chemo/photothermal therapy using near-infrared light triggered switchable nanoparticles against subcutaneous and orthotopic superficial bladder cancer
Thermo-responsive magnetic liposomes for hyperthermia-triggered local drug delivery
Gemcitabine-loaded gold nanoshells for combinatorial cancer photo-chemotherapy
Surface charge triggered intestinal epithelial tight junction opening based on chitosan nanoparticles for insulin oral delivery
Oxygen-boosted ATP-responsive chemotherapy and amplified ROS lethality induced by oxygen nanocarrier for combined cancer therapy
Smart hydrogels assembled from the genetically engineered C-terminal domain of spider silk
Multifunctional cystine-installed clickable micelles for efficient drug delivery and magnetic resonance imaging
Thermo-sensitive liposomes tri-loaded with doxorubicin, vincristine, and salinomycin for co-inhibition of cancer cells and cancer stem cells
Synergy of photodynamic therapy and chemotherapy with light-triggered drug release
New treatment of Wilson's disease
Scavenger receptor-targeted dextran sulfate−methotrexate prodrug for treatment of collagen-induced arthritis
Anticancer effects of cabazitaxel-loaded human serum albumin (HSA) nanoparticles
VCAM-1 binding peptide conjugated DNA nanostructures for gene delivery to combat rheumatoid arthritis
Esterase responsive charge-reversal vectors for gene delivery and therapy
Poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline) conjugate of doxorubicin bound via pH-sensitive hydrazone linker: comparison with poly[N-(2-hydroxypropyl)methacrylamide] peer
Ultra-small, glutathione responsive nanocaplets prepared via templated-polymerization for gene and protein delivery
A novel injectable hydrogel system based on polyampholyte microgels
A nanoparticle with pH-triggered contrast amplification ability for tumor malignancy imaging
Gold nanoparticles coated by polyethylenimine- g -bovine serum albumin with different morphologies for effective gene delivery
SL2B aptamer and folic acid dual-targeted DNA nanostructures for synergic biological and chemotherapy to combat colorectal cancer
Targeting ROS-rich cancer cells with thermo/oxidation-responsive polymeric nanoaggregates: synthesis, morphological and in vitro studies
Redox-activatable hyaluronic acid-SS-mertansine prodrug: superior drug loading, enhanced toleration, and targeted breast tumor therapy
Enhance drug sensitivity of cancer stem cells using functionalized mesoporous silica nanoparticles
Fabrication of bone scaffolds with sequential delivery of SDF-1 and MGF and study on their synergistic effect on bone regeneration
pH-Sensitive polymer functionalized upconversion nanoparticles (UCNPs) as biomarkers
Self-assembling bubble carriers stabilized with SDS for oral delivery of insulin to treat diabetic rats: safety and efficacy studies
Polymer-coated nanodiamonds: promising platforms for treatment of human cancers
Polyacrylic acid (PAA)- surface grafted dense nanosilica spheres for ibuprofen delivery
A monodisperse microspheres/silk fibroin nanofiber composite with controlled release of biomolecules for vascular tissue engineering
pH-Responsive hydroxyapatite and hyaluronic acid modified mesoporous silica nanoparticles for targeted anticancer drug delivery
Dual pH-responsive 5-aminolevulinic acid supramolecular prodrug micelles for enhanced photodynamic ablation of cancer cells
Light and redox dual sensitive supramolecular self-assembly system based on branched polycations for gene delivery
Silicate-doped hydroxyapatite induced by molecular template for bone tissue engineering
Effect of surface chemistry and topological structure of modified titanium via hybrid method of sand blasting, acid-etching and mixed alkali treatment for cytological behavior
Beads-on-a-string amorphous solid dispersion fabricated using a modified coaxial electrospinning
Injectable, biomolecule-responsive polypeptide hydrogels with triggered degradation capacity for cell encapsulation and facile cell recovery
Microporous laponite/poly(L-lactic acid) membrane for dual controlled release of TCH
Electroactive polyion complex polypeptide hydrogel locally supplies methylprednisolone and microsphere-entrapped neurotrophin-3 for spinal cord injury repair
Sequestering of PDGF-BB and FGF-2 with an acidic polysaccharide for in situ vascularization
Fabrication of multi-compartmental microparticles with tailored spatial configuration for co-delivery of multiple drugs
Surface-initiated RAFT polymerization of pseudo-superhydrophilic polymer brush as intraocular lens coating for reduced after cataract
High-performance TEMPO-oxidized cellulose nanofibril/quantum dot nanocomposites
Catechol-modified biomolecules in layer-by-layer assembly: a fishing net-like model to enhance stability and long-term performance
Dual-stimuli responsive amphiphilic chimeric triblock copolymer hybrid micelles for anticancer drug delivery
Regulation of the gene transfection of peptide/DNA hybrid artificial “virus” by peptide sequence variation
A facile preparation of edible SPI/CS hybrid microballoon and its controllable release behaviors
Multicolor fluorescent carbon nanodots@zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 nanoparticles for simultaneous pH-Responsive drug delivery and fluorescence imaging
Smart bio-interface for spatio-confined dynamic reversible bacterial capture and release
Human monocyte-targeted non-viral siRNA delivery for the suppression of inflammatory macrophages
A novel monomethylauristatin E prodrug for malignant cancer targeted therapy
Macrocyclic drug conjugates of metronidazole-cyclodextrin for colon-targeted delivery
Laponite-based nanohybrids for enhanced solubility of dexamethasone and osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells
Hyperbranched polysiloxane for highly stretchable and tough hydrogel by one-pot in situ polymerization
Enhanced antitumor effect of poly(L-glutamic acid)-rose bengal conjugate nanoparticle
CaCO3-based nano-missile potentiates antigen delivery and cross-presentation
An injectable hyaluronic acid/PEG hydrogel produced via copper-free click chemistry for drug delivery
Liquid crystalline nanoparticles for siRNA delivery
Packing nucleic acids inside a single molecule of networked cationic polymer of tunable size, degradable backbone, sufficient loading cavity, and modifiable surface
Targeted intracellular delivery of shikonin effectively induces osteosarcoma necroptosis with downward lung metastasis
Multifunctional thermo-sensitive liposomes for tumor-triggered targeting drug delivery
Synthesis of phenylboronic ester-linked Y-shape polymer via passerini reaction for ROS-responsive drug delivery
Microneedle arrays fabricated with two types of multifunctional liposomes as a vaginal mucosal vaccine adjuvant-dual delivery dystem (VADDS)
Phase-transition microneedle patch for efficient transdermal delivery of bio-medicines
Supramolecular hybrids of carbon dots with doxorubicin and their cellular trafficking
Preparation and evaluation of exenatide loaded PLGA nanocapsules for oral administration
Anti-CD133 antibody loaded bilayer tubular scaffold based on poly(L-lactide-co-caprolactone)/collagen nanofibers and nanoyarns for vascular tissue engineering
Evaluation on the anti-oxidation effects of a thermosensitive chitosan-based hydrogel loaded antioxidin-RL
Multifunctional simvastatin-loaded porous hydroxyapatite microspheres/collagen composite scaffold for sustained drug release, angiogenesis and osteogenesis
Polymer inhibitors of ABC transporter overcoming multidrug resistance: synthesis, characterization and in vivo evaluation
Discovery of efficient siRNA carriers in a library of alkylated, cycloalkylated and fluoroalkylated polymers
Dual-responsive liposome as an efficient vehicle for drug delivery
Folic acid-targeted polydopamine-based surface modification of mesoporous silica nanoparticles as delivery vehicles for cancer therapy
The use of hydrophobic penetrating peptide cyclosporin A to deliver proapoptotic peptide: a possibly better choice than positively charged TAT
Multi-functionalized polymeric nanoparticles realized enhanced drug loading efficiency, extended circulation time, and significant in vivo tumor targeting effect
Ultrasound- and photo-dually controlled amphiphilic molecule self-assembly for programmed drug delivery
Potential pharmaceutical applications of uniform-sized chitosan micro/nanoparticles with autofluorescent property
Diselenide organic molecules self-assembled nanomedicines for selective treatment of cancer cells
Intracellular GSH-activatable galactoside supramolecular photosensitizers for targeted photodynamic therapy and chemotherapy
Sustained release of H2S from a microsphere system encapsulated with NaHS to promote cell proliferation and angiogenesis for wound healing in diabetic mice
The characteristics of novel quercetin loaded chitosan/mannitol/leucine microspheres prepared by spray drying for inhalation
Super anti-coagulant dual-network hydrogels with controllable conductivity, tunable swelling and mechanically strong properties
Regular sleep and cytotoxic nanomedicine targeting tumor-associated macrophages for synergistic immunotherapy of breast cancer
pH-Sensitive star-shaped poly(glutamic acid) with a porphyrin core as highly efficient photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy and molecular imaging
Anisamide-functionalized polymersomes targeted deliver granzyme B to lung xenografts
Ammonium salt modified mesoporous silica nanoparticles for dual intracellular stimuli-responsive gene delivery
Redox-responsive polymers for anti-cancer drug delivery and bioimaging
Self-assembling organic nanoparticles for bioimaging and cargo delivery
pH-Sensitive polymer-gold nanohybrid system for antitumor drug delivery and CT imaging
Strategies to improve Asulacrine retention within liposomes with DPPG and loading by glutathione gradient
A novel transplatin(IV) prodrugs and its drug delivery system for overcoming drug resistance
Poly( ε -benzyloxycarbonyl-L-lysine)-grafted branched polyethylenimine as efficient nanocarriers for indomethacin with enhanced oral bioavailability and anti-inflammatory efficacy
Dual-targeted drug delivery from smart porous nanoparticles for combination cancer therapy
Charge-conversional polyprodrug amphiphiles for intracellular dual-responsive drug delivery
Fabrication of fibrous PLLA/PHBV scaffolds with shape memory capability
Near infrared light-activated super-sensitive drug release using nanoparticles with a flow core
Multifunctional nanoparticles combining host-guest interaction of CB[7] and AuNS for light-promoted endosome escape and high gene transfection
Using self-healing microcapsules as antigen arsenal to elicit a prolonged anti-tumor response
Rose bengal-loaded injectable hydrogel with enhanced anticancer and antibacterial efficacy
Chitosan oligosaccharide/Pluronic polymers nano-aggregates as a potential oral drug delivery system
Specific-targeting thermometer of glycosylated porphyrin-cored dendrimers with siloxane- poly(amido amine) dendron-like arms for PDT to treat hepatoma
Local administration of microtubule-targeting agent promote motor functional recovery after spinal cord injury in rats
Electrospun hydrogel fibrous scaffolds for rapid vascularized skin flap regeneration
Scientific fusion of liver-based therapy of traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern deoxyschizandrin nano-delivery system on the hepatoprotective activity
Interactions between rGO/TNT nanocomposite and cells: regulation of cell morphology, uptake, cytotoxicity, migration and adhesion
Polydopamine-based surface modification of copolymeric nanoparticles as a targeted drug delivery system for cancer therapy
Poly(amino acid-hydroxylethyl methacrylate) block copolymers with chiral side groups for antimicrobial and RNA delivery
Star-shaped amphiphilic hyperbranched polyglycerol derivatives co-deliver docetaxel and MMP-9 shRNA plasmid to tumors
Graphene nanomesh substrates for efficient gene delivery
Acceleration of osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells by 3D silk fibroin scaffolds incorporated with graphene
Well-defined peptide-conjugated intracellular-acidity-sensitive nanoassemblies for tumor-targeted anticancer drug delivery
One-pot synthesis of pH and ROS dual responsive nanogels for anti-cancer drug delivery
A drug delivery system of multiple-shelled organosilicas hollow nanospheres synthesized through a facile and green approach
Coil poly(ethylene glycol)-brush-like poly(L-lysine) block copolymers as efficient nanocarriers for insulin delivery
Polydopamine nanoparticles/PEG composite hydrogel for controlled drug release and combined chemo-photothermal therapy
A novel DNA delivery system based on protein-only nanoparticles
Galactosylated chitosan-modified ethosomes as a dendritic cell-targeted carrier for transcutaneous immunization
Imaging the phase of starch-gelatin blends for use as capsule materials
Thermo/pH dually responsive drug delivery systems based on mesoporous silica nanoparticles
A facile pH-sensitive shielding strategy for polycationic gene delivery system
Modified collagen-based materials with MicroRNA for enhanced corneal tissue repair by the regulation of corneal wound healing
Macrophage-mediated delivery of microparticles into tumor hypoxia zones
Magnetic/fluorescent hybrid PLGA nanoparticles for doxorubicin/VEGF siRNA co-delivery and tumor imaging
Preparation of pH-sensitive nanopolyplexes for efficient light-assisted gene delivery
Development of pH sensitive polyacrylic acid grafted hemicellulose hydrogels for colon-specific controlled drug delivery
Thermosensitive injectable modified chitin hydrogel for cell delivery
Nanoplatform containing MMPs-sensitive peptide-PEG conjugate and tissue-penetrating moiety for enhanced cancer therapy
Dual micelles loaded gelatin nanofibers and their application in lipopolysaccharide-induced periodontal disease
Traceable nanoparticle with temporally release ability to control neural stem cell differentiation for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Highly efficacious and targeted chemotherapy of human lung cancer by α3β1 integrin specific, redox-responsive and reversibly crosslinked polymersomes
Folate and CPP mediated specific delivery of camptothecin to tumor via pH and reduction dual-sensitive micelles
High internal phase emulsion-based porous scaffolds consisting of poly(ε-caprolactone)/bovine serum albumin/calcium alginate/hydroxyapatite for biomedical aplications
Modification of chitosan film via surface grafting of gentamicin molecular to improve the antibacterial property
Dual-stimuli responsive nanoparticle system for enhanced and targeted cancer therapy
Star-shaped poly(2-aminoethyl methacrylate)s as non-viral gene carriers: structure-function relationship
Synthesis of multibranched poly( N -isopropylacrylamide) with aminoporphyrin core for photodynamic therapy
Controlled release of salmon calcitonin from multicomponent hydrogel
pH-Sensitive and folate receptor-targeting gold nanorods for fluorescence/photoacoustic imaging and photothermal therapy of tumor
Reduction-sensitive nanogels based on HA and iodixanol for both tumor-targeted CT imaging and therapy
TPP-modified protein-polymer bioconjugate as a mitochondria-targeting nanocarrier
Mitochondria-targeted nanocarriers using hyperbranched polycations wrapped carbon nanotubes for augment photodynamic therapeutic effects
Fabrication and characterization of aligned graphene/silk fibroin nanofibrous scaffolds for nerve tissue regeneration
Supramolecular aggregates for high-efficient gene delivery
Synthesis of poly(fluorenyl- alt -p-phenyleneethynylene) with pendent carboxyl acid group and the sensing application
In vitro bioavailability of resveratrol encapsulated in liposomes: influence of chitosan coating and liposome compositions
Oxidized hyaluronic acid modified by l-Argine for siRNA delivery
Poly(iron(III)-catecholate) micellar nanoparticles as MRI contrast agents
pH-triggered mesoporous silica nanocomplexes for imaging-guided drug delivery with enhanced cancer therapeutic efficiency
A thermo-degradable hydrogel for on-demand drug delivery
Tunable emission of QDs upon near-infrared excitation through fluorescence resonance energy transfer
In situ bone regeneration by mechanics-modified scaffolds loaded with chemokine
Ezrin-targeted calcium (II)-crosslinked nanoparticle intracellularly co-delivers doxorubicin and chlorambucil for synergistic chemotherapy of osteosarcoma
Design and fabrication of TPP cross-linked chitosan hydrogels with tunable stimuli-responsive properties and their application on drug delivery
Injectable and release-controlled hydrogel based on xanthan gum and silk fibroin
Impact of the linker structure on the combination therapy of polymeric conjugates
Dual stimuli-responsive lipopolymer vesicular nanosphere for site specific doxorubicin delivery
Nanoparticle-coated Salmonella as Oral DNA Vaccines for Cancer Immunotherapy
siRNA mediated inhibition of pancreatic tumor growth in vitro and in vivo
Local transdermal delivery of 10,11-methylenedioxycamptothecin by nanoemulsion for breast cancer prevention
Single-stimulus dual-drug sensitive nanoplatform for enhanced photoactivated therapy
Co-delivery of angiostatin and curcumin by a biodegradable polymersome for antiangiogenic therapy
A novel reactive oxygen species-responsive polymeric micelle for near-infrared light-triggered drug release in cancer cells
SPI/CS nanoparticles conjugating amino acid Schiff-base metal complexes for mimic of SOD
A novel strategy for controlled synthesis of transferrin-conjugated lipid nanoparticles by a microfluidic device
Reduction-sensitive micelles with detachable poly (2-ethyl-2-oxazoline) corona for enhanced intracellular doxorubicin delivery
Enhanced proliferation of BMSCs supported by nanofibrous scaffold containing osteoblasts-derived extracellular matrix
Cholesteryl pH-responsive cell-penetrating peptide for co-delivery of drug and gene
Exenatide-loaded glucose-responsive microspheres for intelligent diabetic therapy
Backbone-type coordinate polymeric dual-prodrug micelle for enhanced cancer treatment
Finite element simulation of swelling and drug release processes using weak polyelectrolyte hydrogels as drug carrier
Zwitterionic hydrogels enhance angiogenic response, promote complete skin regeneration during full-thickness wound healing
Target-specific delivery of Bcl2 siRNA by bioreducible crosslinked hyaluronic acid/ calcium phosphate hybrid nanoparticles for melanoma tumor therapy
Optoacoustic analysis of the distribution of polymeric micelles in tumors
Ultrasmall inorganic molecular imaging probes
Preparation of polydatin nanoethosomes and investigation of its in vitro drug release
NIR bioimaging-guided carborane containing macromolecular agent for BNCT
Preparing polymeric microspheres with a simplified quality-by-design formulation process for sustained-release delivery of native protein drugs
A small molecule nanodrug consisting of amphiphilic drug-drug conjugate for self-targeted multi-drug delivery and synergistic anticancer effect
Nano artificial red cells with sufficient oxygen supply for boosted photodynamic therapy
Preparation and printing application of conducting polymer-coated thermally expandable microspheres
3D printed scaffolds for tumor targeting and controlled drug release
Design platinum (IV) prodrugs of cisplatin and oxaliplatin with long lipid chains for drug delivery and overcoming cisplatin resistance
Enzyme-responsive asymmetric polymersomes with triggered apoptosis-mimicking flip-flop of cell-penetrating inner shells
ZnO embedded PEG-PLGA nanoparticles as drug carriers for NIR-triggered drug release
A cancer-selective nucleic acid nanovector assembled by multifunctional peptide and cationic liposome and hyaluronic acid