Silica based hybrid materials for drug delivery and bioimaging

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Silica hybrid materials play an important role in improvement of novel progressive functional nanomaterials. Study in silica hybrid functional materials is supported by growing interest in providing intelligent materials that combine best of the inorganic silica structure along with organic or biological realms.Hybrid silica materials do not only provide fantastic opportunities for the design of novel materials for research but their represented unique properties open versatile applications specifically in nanomedicine since it was recognized by US FDA as a safe material for human trials.By combining various materials with different characteristics along with silica NPs as building blocks, silica-based hybrid vehicles were developed. In this regard, silica-based hybrid materials have shown great capabilities as unique carriers for bioimaging and/or drug delivery purposes.In the aforementioned hybrid systems, silica was preferred as a main building block of the hybrid structure, which is easily functionalized with different materials, bio-molecules and targeting ligands while providing biocompatibility for the system.This review will cover a full description of different hybrids of silica nanoparticles including silica-polymer, silica-protein, silica-peptide, silica-nucleic acid, silica-gold, silica-quantum dot, and silica-magnetic nanoparticles and their applications as therapeutic or imaging systems.

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