Drug treatment in pregnancy

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The use of drugs for common pregnancy complications like premature labor, hypertensive diseases, and premature rupture of membranes with chorioamnionitis is reviewed. In addition, new publications on antiviral drugs in HIV-positive pregnant patients are also discussed. Among the drugs, suppressing premature labor side-effects of β-mimetics are of growing concern. The effectiveness of other agents like magnesium, indomethacin, and sulindac are addressed. The various mechanisms explaining the beneficial effect of magnesium in pre-eclampsia are reviewed and new data on antihypertensives, such as labetalol, calcium channel blockers, and methyldopa are presented. The evidence from various clinical trials on the value of low-dose aspirin as a prophylactic agent against pregnancy-induced hypertension, pre-eclampsia, and intrauterine growth retardation in high-risk and low-risk patients is compared. Pharmacokinetic data including transplacental transfer of antibiotics and anti-HIV nucleosides are part of this review.

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