Endometriosis and assisted reproduction: the role for reproductive surgery?

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Purpose of review

The aim of this review paper is to discuss the relationship between endometriosis and assisted reproductive technology. More specifically, the following clinically relevant issues will be discussed. (1) Does the presence of endometriosis affect the outcome of assisted reproductive technology? (2) Does surgical treatment for endometriosis prior to or after assisted reproductive technology treatment affect the outcome of assisted reproductive technology? (3) Is assisted reproductive technology a risk factor for the recurrence of endometriosis after medical or surgical therapy?

Recent findings

The review is based on recently published review papers/meta-analyses or international guidelines as published by the European Society of Human Reproduction or the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, updated with a selective review of recent papers searching PubMed with the key words ‘Endometriosis’, ‘Assisted Reproduction’, ‘IVF’, ‘IUI’ and ‘Reproductive Surgery’.


At the end of this review, a practical proposal for the clinical management of women with endometriosis-associated subfertility is proposed, based on our own experience.

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