The effect of micronutrient supplements on male fertility

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Purpose of review

To describe the beneficial effects of micronutrient supplementation on male fertility.

Recent findings

Several micronutrients have beneficial effects on sperm quality, as well on male fertility (e.g. pregnancy rate). A deliberate use of micronutrients might be helpful for infertile patients. Healthcare providers should be aware that supplements contain the studied dose.


Male sterility is becoming increasingly important because of various factors. In addition to the avoidable risk factors (alcohol and smoking), unchangeable factors are also likely involved in the genesis. Modern reproductive medicine methods help resulting in decent pregnancy rates in subfertile men. However, in addition to reproductive medicine methods, factors other than cessation of smoking and alcohol consumption can influence the fertility of men. Several studies have reported a significant increase in sperm quality and pregnancy rates when the men were supplemented by specific vitamins and micronutrients.


The present review gives an overview of the study results and discusses specific legal requirements (e.g. ‘upper limits’).

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