Current management of myomas: the place of medical therapy with the advent of selective progesterone receptor modulators

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Purpose of review

To review the current management of myomas with the advent of selective progesterone receptor modulators.

Recent findings

Selective progesterone receptor modulators have proved effective and recent publications on the use of ulipristal acetate (UPA) have analyzed the performance of long-term intermittent utilization of 10 mg UPA given in repeated courses of 3 months. This long-term intermittent therapy maximizes the efficacy of UPA. Indeed, control of bleeding is achieved sooner after each course. With each subsequent course, a statistically greater number of patients show a fibroid volume reduction of more than 50%.


The choice of therapy is influenced by different factors, such as the severity of symptoms, tumor characteristics, age, and wish to preserve the uterus (and fertility). Use of UPA will undoubtedly modify the surgical approach.

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