Laparoscopic prolapse surgery: types and evidence

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Purpose of review

Recommendations for the surgical treatment of pelvic organ prolapse have undergone significant changes over the last few decades.

Purpose of review

First described to be too difficult, the laparoscopic technique has gained popularity but is still controversial. The recent warning on vaginal mesh was the sign of revival and we start now to have many articles published on results and on techniques for laparoscopic prolapse repair.

Recent findings

If nothing is new in the comparison of the routes including vaginal mesh placement, the new articles are very interesting in terms of technical information and recommendations. Those articles are very important and help us understand some failures in the laparoscopic approach mainly in the anterior compartment.


New models have been created and eventually in the future, we will be able to simulate the repair on our own patients and to assess virtually the mobility of each compartment preoperatively. This will allow us to adjust and tailor the treatment to each patient.

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