The role of simulation and warm-up in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery

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Purpose of reviewThe purpose of the review is to update the reader on the current literature and recent studies evaluating the role of simulation and warm-up as part of surgical education and training, and maintenance of surgical skills.Recent findingsLaparoscopic and hysteroscopic simulation may improve psychomotor skills, particularly for early-stage learners. However, data are mixed as to whether simulation education is directly transferable to surgical skill. Data are insufficient to determine if simulation can improve clinical outcomes. Similarly, performance of surgical warm-up exercises can improve performance of novice and expert surgeons in a simulated environment, but the extent to which this is transferable to intraoperative performance is unknown. Surgical coaching, however, can facilitate improvements in performance that are directly reflected in operative outcomes.SummarySimulation-based curricula may be a useful adjunct to residency training, whereas warm-up and surgical coaching may allow for maintenance of skill throughout a surgeon's career. These experiences may represent a strategy for maintaining quality and value in a lower volume surgical setting.

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