Anterior compartment prolapse: what's new?

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Purpose of reviewThe purpose of this review is to summarize the treatment options for anterior compartment prolapse, describe the role that apical suspension plays in the correction of anterior vaginal wall prolapse, and assess the risks and benefits of biologic and synthetic graft use in anterior compartment repair.Recent findingsIn 2016, The Cochrane Review published a review of 37 trials including 4023 participants finding that compared to native tissue repair, the use of synthetic mesh resulted in reduced symptomatic prolapse recurrence, anatomic recurrence, and repeat prolapse surgery. There was insufficient evidence regarding quality of life improvement or the use of biologic grafts. Of note the differences between native tissue and mesh kit repairs were not large.SummaryA strong consideration should be on the correction of apical prolapse when present; isolated anterior wall repairs should be pursued with caution. The surgeon may consider the use of augmenting materials in their repair of anterior vaginal wall prolapse, although the available evidence is not strongly supportive of their use given potential risks.

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