Development and history of morcellators

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Purpose of reviewControversy exists surrounding extraction of tissue in gynecologic surgery using morcellators following cases of disseminated uterine cancers discovered after the use of electromechanical morcellators. This chapter traces the history of tissue extraction in gynecology and reviews the evolving scientific data and opinions regarding the future of morcellation.Recent findingsSince the initial Food and Drug Administration warning about morcellation in 2014, subsequent studies do not support the Food and Drug Administration's high incidence of occult uterine cancer. Current research continues, focusing on methods of contained tissue morcellation, both laparoscopically and vaginally.SummaryMinimally invasive surgical techniques have revolutionized gynecology, drastically reducing the need for open procedures. To maximize patient safety while preserving the rapid recovery and low morbidity of laparoscopic and vaginal approaches, optimal methods of tissue extraction need to be developed and promulgated.

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