Morcellation equipment: past, present, and future

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Purpose of reviewThis review was written in an effort to describe the evolution of power morcellation equipment from their creation to their current state. In addition, this review addresses the continuously evolving equipment involved with power morcellation and looks to describe where the field is headed in the future. In addition, recent professional and federal recommendations have changed the way power morcellation is being approached and has led to the development of contained morcellation systems, which, although in their infancy, are also being proven to be well tolerated options.Recent findingsThis article will review the most current research on electronic power morcellation and the multiple attempts to prove superiority from the many different types of equipment, and also the many different approaches to morcellation. In addition, with the adaptation to contained morcellation, this review will cover research focused on optimizing a containment system and the techniques involved.SummaryIn summary, this review is aimed at describing many of the currently available power morcellation products and contained morcellation systems in an effort to allow physicians to understand the different options available, and to discuss well tolerated, effective, and clinically proven techniques that can lead to improved surgical outcomes in the future.

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