Pelvic floor disorders in women with gynecologic malignancy

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Purpose of review

This article serves as an update on issues relating to the intersection of pelvic floor disorders and gynecology oncology.

Recent findings

Gynecologic cancer survivors experience pelvic floor disorders (PFDs) at a higher rate than their age-matched peers, often because of shared risk factors and as sequelae of cancer treatment. Concomitant pelvic floor and oncologic surgery can serve as a method to promote quality of life. Studies have demonstrated concomitant surgery to be well tolerated in appropriately selected patients, but only about 2% of oncologic surgeries are coordinated to include the treatment of PFDs. Conversely, women undergoing surgery for PFD have a low, but real risk of occult malignancy. Therefore, preoperative counseling is warranted in select populations. This article will discuss the management of concurrent PFDs and gynecologic malignancies.


Healthcare providers should be familiar with screening, management and referral of women with pelvic floor disorders in the gynecologic oncology population.

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