Upper and lower eyelid reconstruction: the year in review

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Purpose of review

Depending on the size, location, and extent of defects, a myriad of surgical approaches may be utilized to repair the eyelids. An understanding of the principles of lid reconstruction as well as orbital and periorbital anatomy is essential when approaching the repair of eyelid defects. While principles of eyelid reconstruction have been established, achieving good functional and aesthetic reconstruction remains challenging. This review examines the methodology of reconstructing eyelid defects, as reported over the last year.

Recent findings

Eyelid reconstruction continues to encompass a wide range of reconstructive options. Reports range from simple modifications of traditional techniques to the use of complex flaps and grafts.


While set algorithms have been proposed regarding eyelid reconstruction, the method of choice will ultimately depend on a combination of factors, including availability of tissues, and a surgeon's experience with the available modes of reconstruction.

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