Cosmetic dentistry

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Purpose of review

Patients seeking the expertise of facial plastic surgeons for facial aesthetic improvement may also desire or benefit from dental aesthetic procedures. This paper reviews current treatment options available in cosmetic dentistry.

Recent findings

Many techniques exist to improve dental aesthetics in color, position, shape, size, alignment and overall smile appearance. Although orthodontic therapy is still an important modality for smile aesthetics, some simpler procedures can provide acceptable aesthetic results. Comparison of external dental bleaching techniques reveals similar long-term results for in-office and at-home bleaching; in-office treatments, however, may provide the benefit of faster results. Internal dental bleaching is an effective method for correcting nonvital teeth coloration. Enamel shaping via either direct tooth contouring or the application of resins or veneers to tooth surfaces can correct defects, asymmetries and shape or rotation problems. Veneers or crowns are also options to correct intrinsic dental stains not amenable to bleaching techniques. Treatments to refine gingival margins and borders are another proven beneficial cosmetic procedure.


A myriad of techniques exist to correct a patient's particular concerns. Correction of discoloration is usually feasible as is the improvement of a patient's smile and overall dental aesthetics.

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