Update on brow and forehead lifting

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Purpose of review

The purpose of this review is to provide the latest findings in the constantly changing field of brow and forehead lifting. Significant articles published in the last 24 months are reviewed and discussed based on the personal experience of the senior author (F.P.).

Recent findings

Important anatomical findings have been made over the last few years which will have an impact on plastic surgery of the upper third of the face, with new ligamentous structures of the forehead and more precise landmarks of the supraorbital neurovascular bundle being described. The short-term efficacy of a new device for periosteal fixation has been evaluated and new data have been collated about the time required for forehead periosteal readhesion.


In the last few years there have been important anatomical findings which will allow the development of more detailed and safe techniques for forehead lift surgery. New absorbable materials are available that allow efficient mechanical fixation of the soft tissues. The senior author of this review has extensive personal experience involving more than 400 cases. In addition to commenting on recent articles, we detail the methods we have used over the last 8 years, especially regarding the fixation technique.

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