Allergy and migraine: is there a connection?

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Purpose of review

In the last 10 years, otolaryngologists and allergists have become increasingly aware of migraine headaches in their practices. This is partially due to a better understanding of the high incidence of migraine and a realization that the majority of patients presenting as ‘sinus headache’ are actually suffering from migraine headaches. Considering that the incidence of migraine is approximately 20% in women and 6% in men and that 10–30% of people have allergies (US Department of Health and Human Services. Evidence Report/Technology Assessment No. 54; May 2002. AHRQ Publication No. 02-E024. pp. 1–198), there is obviously a large population of patients who suffer from both conditions. The question then arises that are migraine and allergy comorbid conditions, or is any association between the two a random occurrence?

Recent findings

The present study addresses this association, which has remained controversial for over 100 years. Newer studies focusing on familial trends, shared biochemical pathways and underlying mechanisms are presented.


This study will provide a foundation to support future clinical studies.

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