The link between allergy and Menière's disease

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Purpose of review

To examine evidence supporting the association of allergy and Menière's disease.

Recent findings

Animal studies have shown evidence that a provoked systemic immune challenge can result in an allergic reaction within the inner ear, whereas premedication with leukotriene antagonists can prevent the development of endolymphatic hydrops. In human subjects, further data support a heightened allergic response in patients with Menière's disease, whereas pharmacological treatments that target histamine receptors help to control vertiginous symptoms. However, the relationship of migraine with a history of allergy and Menière's disease may confound this association.


Although the evidence of a causal association between allergy and Menière's disease is inconclusive, the inclusion of allergy control as part of the treatment plan for Menière's disease is low risk to the patient and should be considered for patients with indications that include history of seasonal or food allergy, childhood or family history of allergy, bilateral Menière's symptoms, or a development of symptoms within a short time after exposure of food or inhaled allergen.

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