Voice rest after laryngeal surgery: what's the evidence?

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Purpose of reviewThis article aims to review previous research reports and to summarize current strategies for the optimal duration of voice rest and the effect of phonatory stimulation after phonomicrosurgery.Recent findingsVoice rest is commonly recommended after laryngeal surgery to prevent worsening of vocal fold injuries. However, there are no established standard protocol for voice rest, and the type and duration of voice rest vary among clinicians. The most effective duration of voice rest is unknown. Recently, early vocal stimulation was recommended as a means to improve wound healing, on the basis of the basic and clinical researches.SummaryIt seems that early vocal stimulation may enhance the wound healing process in the vocal fold. More basic and clinical researches are warranted to investigate appropriate timing of initiation of stimulation, as well as the type and amount of stimulation that are available for human.

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