Current opinions in office-based rhinology

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Purpose of review

The care of rhinologic patients has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. With the advent of endoscopic sinus surgery and high-tech image-guided computer systems, the surgical care of patients with benign sinonasal disease has successfully transitioned from the main hospital operating room to the outpatient ambulatory surgical center. Currently, there is yet another movement underway, in an attempt to care for these patients in the office setting.

Recent findings

As the medical device sector continues to innovate at rapid speed, new technologies such as the radiofrequency ablator, microdebrider, balloon sinus dilator, and steroid-eluting stent have propelled the care of rhinologic patients into the clinic setting.


In conjunction with an overall increased attention toward cost and time savings, the push to modernize instrumentation is now enabling the otolaryngologist to keep both the medical and surgical treatment of rhinologic patients, particularly those with chronic disease, within the office setting.

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