Pituitary adenomas

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Recent advances in the management of pituitary tumors have included diagnostic tests that approach 100% sensitivity and specificity. Although pharmacologic agents with greater specificity and, therefore, greater therapeutic efficacy have been developed, transsphenoidal surgery with microneurosurgical technique remains the primary means of treating these tumors. Stereotactic radiosurgery, which serves to either augment or supersede surgical management, has shown great promise as possibly a curative treatment for these tumors. This technology has been enhanced by the advent of magnetic resonance imaging stereotactic localization, which can accurately visualize small microadenomas as well as the optic apparatus. Further follow-up is necessary to assess the long-term tumor control rate, endocrinologic effects, and postradiosurgery morbidity, which may include hypopituitarism and delayed-onset optic neuropathy.

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