Integrative medicine in cancer survivors

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Purpose of review

Due to medical advances and an aging population, the number of cancer survivors continues to rise. Survivors often experience late and long-term sequelae of cancer and its treatment (e.g., fatigue, pain, fear of recurrence, and stress). As a result, some patients have utilized or expressed interest in integrative medicine (IM) modalities for prevention of recurrence, optimizing health, enhancing quality of life, and managing symptoms. The purpose of this review is to focus on research published during the past year that informs our understanding of the utility of IM for cancer survivors.

Recent findings

Physical activity, diet, dietary supplements, mind–body modalities, acupuncture, and massage therapy all may play a role in the management of the physical (e.g., fatigue and pain) and emotional (e.g., anxiety and fear) issues faced by cancer survivors.


IM therapies are appealing to and utilized by many cancer survivors and may reduce symptom burden. Clinicians who provide cancer survivorship care may improve patient care by understanding the evidence for and against their use.

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