Treatment of retroperitoneal sarcoma: current standards and new developments

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Purpose of reviewRetroperitoneal sarcomas are rare tumors and with complex treatment. In this manuscript we give an overview of current standards in treatment of this disease and discuss new developments.Recent findingsSurgery with complete resection of the primary tumor is still the only curative modality. The role of preoperative radiotherapy is not clear and is currently being investigated in a clinical trial. Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy is not the standard of care but can be considered occasionally when complete resection is uncertain. Local and distant recurrent disease carries a dismal prognosis, although long-term survival can be achieved. Liposarcomas tend to recur locally, whereas distant recurrences are more often seen in leiomyosarcoma and other subtypes. Outcome improves when patients are treated in high volume sarcoma centers. In the metastatic setting, newer systemic agents have recently been approved.SummaryTreatment of retroperitoneal sarcomas is complex and all patients should be treated in a multidisciplinary sarcoma centers. Increasing international collaboration of expert centers in sharing expertise and performing clinical trials might lead to better treatment and improved survival.

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