Treatment of : recent advancesALK: recent advances-positive nonsmall cell lung cancer: recent advances

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Purpose of review

The review will highlight recent advances in development of ALK-TKIs and management of patients with ALK-positive nonsmall cell lung cancer.

Recent findings

There has been rapid progress in the use of targeted therapies for ALK-positive NSCLC. Since the discovery, development and approval of crizotinib in 2011, three second-generation ALK-TKIs, ceritinib, alectinib and brigatinib have been approved by the FDA. A range of newer generation ALK inhibitors with improved potency against ALK and against mutations that confer resistance to crizotinib are in clinical development.


Our review will discuss the recent phase III data with ceritinib and alectinib as well as clinical trials with other ALK inhibitors. We will also address two important issues in the management of ALK-positive NSCLC, prevention and treatment of brain metastases and management of emergent ALK-TKI resistance mechanisms.

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