Intraocular lenses

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Cataract remains a major source of blindness in many countries throughout the world. Although modern medicine and technology have combined to provide an almost ideal solution, availability of modern cataract and lens implant surgery is restricted, even in developed nations. The health care “cake” is not always divided fairly in favor of ophthalmology in general and lens implant surgery in particular. The transition to small-incision surgery continues, whereas intraocular lens technology attempts to catch up so that incision size for cataract extraction and lens implantation is compatible with both aspects of the process. Complications continue, although their degree may differ from former times. The world ophthalmic literature continues to record the enthusiasm and contribution of individual investigators who pioneered lens implantation as well as multicenter and university-based groups. American, Japanese, and European contributions dominate the literature from 1992 to 1993.

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