Preschool vision screening: update on guidelines and techniques

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Purpose of review

To discuss the current preschool vision screening (PVS) guidelines and review some of the newest vision screening techniques. The different vision screening practices and barriers to screening are discussed.

Recent findings

Vision screening guidelines, which have been developed in response to the advances in technology and increased understanding of the developing visual system, have been recently updated by some of the major medical organizations that endorse vision screening. With advances in vision screening technology, there is a growing trend for screening at younger ages.


PVS has been widely endorsed by various medical organizations as an effective way to detect preventable and treatable vision problems of childhood. Although PVS is widely recommended, actual screening rates remain low. There are several real and perceived barriers to screening which often prevents successful screening programs. Current vision screening guidelines take into account the recent advances in technology. With the development of new devices, vision screening can effectively be performed at younger ages.

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