Surgical management of corneal infections

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Purpose of review

The purpose of this review is to discuss the options for, and recent developments in, the surgical treatment of corneal infections. Although the mainstay of treatment of corneal infections is topical antimicrobial agents, surgical intervention may be necessary in a number of cases. These include advanced disease at presentation, resistant infections, and progressive ulceration despite appropriate treatment. Prompt and appropriate treatment can make the difference between a good outcome and loss of vision or the eye.

Recent findings

There are a number of surgical therapies available for corneal infections. Preferred therapeutic modalities differ based on the size, causation, and location of the infection but consist of either replacement of the infected tissue or structural support of the tissue to allow healing. Although there are no completely novel therapies that have been developed recently, there have been incremental improvements in the existing treatment modalities making them more effective, easier, and safer.


Several options are available for surgically managing corneal infections. Ophthalmologists should select the optimal procedure based on the individual patient's situation.

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