Review of the Xen Gel Stent and InnFocus MicroShunt

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Purpose of review

Two new translimbal glaucoma devices (Xen Gel Stent and InnFocus MicroShunt) have been developed with the goal of optimizing the predictability and safety for subconjunctival glaucoma surgery.

Recent findings

The new subconjunctival glaucoma implants are manufactured from nonsilicone, biocompatible materials, which may reduce the postoperative inflammatory and fibrotic reactions that can lead to failure. Early data suggests a favorable safety profile with significant reductions in intraocular pressure (IOP). The prevention of chronic hypotony has been a hallmark of the devices, which utilize an intrinsic flow-limiting design based on the tube length and internal lumen diameter.


Early data with the XEN Gel Stent and InnFocus MicroShunt show promising results. Prospective comparative studies comparing these devices with tube shunt and trabeculectomy will be needed.

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