Infection following strabismus surgery

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Purpose of review

To provide the most up to date information on postoperative infection associated with strabismus surgery, its diagnosis, management, and prevention.

Recent findings

Recent studies show that topical povidone-iodide is effective in reducing the bacteria colony count at the incision site and preventing contamination during strabismus surgery. Repeating povidone-iodide 5% drops after surgical preparation and presoaking the sutures in povidone-iodide reduces bacterial contamination further. There is no single postoperative day that would be best to detect the onset of a postoperative infection. Infection can follow a normal postoperative visit.


Infection continues to be a concerning complication of strabismus surgery. Early detection and treatment is needed to obtain a good outcome. Patients and their families should be educated on the early signs and symptoms of postoperative infection and to contact their ophthalmologist if any occur.

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