Bortezomib in kidney transplantation

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Purpose of review

The purpose of this review is to evaluate the effectiveness of bortezomib in the recent literature for the prevention and treatment of kidney transplant rejection.

Recent findings

Several studies have analyzed bortezomib alone and in comparison to more traditional immunosuppressive agents during the last 2 years. If administered prior to transplant or soon thereafter, bortezomib appears to lower donor-specific antibody levels and improves graft survival. Its role as a treatment option for antibody-mediated rejection after transplant remains unclear, with limited evidence supporting its long-term success.


Bortezomib appears to be a promising early desensitizing agent in the world of kidney transplantation and high short-term success rates have been observed. However, additional randomized trials would be useful to more conclusively demonstrate its effectiveness and optimal administration time in relation to transplant surgery.

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