Current state of ex-vivo lung perfusion

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Purpose of review

The purpose of the current report is to review the ex-vivo peer-reviewed literature published in the last 5 years and to summarize the findings.

Recent findings

Encouraging data have been published by several centers utilizing ex-vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) as a means to identify viable grafts from the high-risk donor pool. The outcomes of transplanted lungs that were initially declined because of poor quality, but reevaluated with ex-vivo perfusion, are equivalent to standard criteria donor lungs. Further, research reports have emphasized the role of ex-vivo perfusion as a platform to improve graft quality and reduce the injurious effects of ischemia-reperfusion.


Over the last 10 years, EVLP has proved its value as a reassessment tool to increase donor utilization. As short- and long-term data demonstrate the safety of EVLP, its use as a therapeutic platform is emerging, along with the promise of a new era in lung transplantation.

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