When is it ok to use a splint versus cast and what remodeling can one expect for common pediatric forearm fractures

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Purpose of review

The purpose of this review is to provide an overview of common pediatric forearm fractures, clarify the descriptions used to identify and thereby appropriately treat them with a splint or cast, and explain osseous remodeling that is unique to the skeletally immature.

Recent findings

Recent literature addresses the gap in standard treatment protocols. There is variability in the management of pediatric forearm fractures because of the multiple subspecialty physicians that care for children's fractures and a lack of well established guidelines.


The following review will expound upon the assortment of pediatric forearm fractures, address suitable treatment options, and illustrate the expected restoration of bony deformity in an effort to update practitioners of the most recent advances in research and clinical practice of this common orthopedic injury.

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