An update on PCOS in adolescents

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Purpose of reviewPolycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a common endocrinopathy which can be difficult to treat in adolescents. Fortunately, early identification and treatment can help mitigate some of the metabolic complications. In this review, we reflect on recent literature regarding PCOS diagnosis, associated complications, and treatment options.Recent findingsAlthough there are three well known criteria to diagnose PCOS, they can be difficult to translate to adolescence. Newer diagnostic tools under study include anti-Mullerian hormone and revised ultrasound criteria. More is known about the many complications associated with PCOS, and new treatment options are on the horizon.SummaryPCOS frequently will present during adolescence. These young women may already have symptoms of metabolic comorbidities. Providers caring for these patients must be aware of the many related complications and common treatment options. Newer diagnostic techniques and treatment options are under active study in adults, and may soon be translated to adolescence. A comprehensive approach allows treatment of patients’ concerns, and also prevention of metabolic complications.

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