Cutaneous manifestations of nutritional deficiency

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Purpose of reviewChildhood malnutrition is a major global health issue. It is often thought of as a developing world problem and therefore, underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed in developed countries. The delay in diagnosis and treatment can lead to increased morbidity and mortality. Cutaneous manifestations are often the initial presenting signs of nutritional deficiency. Early recognition is essential in timely initiation of the necessary interventions. This article will review pertinent cutaneous findings and systemic manifestations associated with common nutritional deficiencies.Recent findingsMalnutrition has historically been associated with poverty in developing countries. However, recent literatures suggest that the incidence of nutritional deficiencies continuous to rise among infants from developed countries, as a result of dietary restrictions because of perceived food allergies or intolerance. It is also an emerging finding in children with complicated medical problems.SummaryIt is very important to raise awareness about cutaneous manifestations of nutritional deficiency as early and appropriate treatment results in excellent prognosis.

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