Asthma in pregnancy: management strategies

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Purpose of review

Asthma is one of the most prevalent chronic medical conditions to complicate pregnancy. With approximately one-third of women experiencing a worsening of control during the course of their pregnancy, identifying those at greatest risk has the potential to improve maternal and fetal outcomes for a large number of pregnancies. Similarly, active management strategies that prioritize asthma control in this vulnerable population can have a far-reaching impact.

Recent findings

Demographic characteristics and patient noncompliance place certain populations of pregnant women at increased risk of poor asthma control during pregnancy. In addition, undertreatment and disparities in care of acute exacerbations during pregnancy likely contribute. Targeted educational interventions and treatment algorithms using objective markers of disease activity have shown improved outcomes in asthma control.


Active management strategies which focus on identifying patient-specific risk factors, patient and provider education, and targeted treatment interventions can improve asthma care for women during pregnancy.

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