How can we improve clinical research in pneumonia?

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Purpose of review

The primary challenges in the field of clinical research include a lack of support within existing infrastructure, insufficient number of clinical research training programs and a paucity of qualified mentors. Most medical centers offer infrastructure support for investigators working with industry sponsors or government-funded clinical trials, yet there are a significant amount of clinical studies performed in the field of pneumonia which are observational studies. For this type of research, which is frequently unfunded, support is usually lacking.

Recent findings

In an attempt to optimize clinical research in pneumonia, at the University of Louisville, we developed a clinical research coordinating center (CRCC). The center manages clinical studies in the field of respiratory infections, with the primary focus being pneumonia. Other activities of the CRCC include the organization of an annual clinical research training course for physicians and other healthcare workers, and the facilitation of international research mentoring by a process of connecting new pneumonia investigators with established clinical investigators.


To improve clinical research in pneumonia, institutions need to have the appropriate infrastructure in place to support investigators in all aspects of the clinical research process.

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